Welcome to the new Ufruity Website

February 7, 2014 Daily 0 Comments


Welcome to the new Ufruity WordPress website… we hope you like it!

You will notice that a lot has changed, along with a fresh new Responsive design style there’s a clearer focus on our in-house Services ‘what we do’. We think the new WordPress site looks awesome, it’s a base of things to come and an improved platform upon which to showcase the work we do on behalf of our clients.

Why the change?

Recently, Ufruity has changed the way we do business and some of the services we offer as a company. It is because of this we decided to revamp and relaunch ufruity.com to reflect this fresh direction.

Traditionally Ufruity have built bespoke websites to fit the brief. However, as the ever changing world of the Internet and technology progresses Website Design Agencies like Ufruity have to work with and adapt with these changes. One of the biggest changes that has revolutionised Website’s and the Internet is the popularity of CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress. As of today, there are 74.6 Million Websites running on the WordPress platform which accounts for 17% of all Websites on the Internet (That’s quite a lot!).

This is why Ufruity are transitioning their attention towards building Websites on the WordPress platform… as it offers the flexibility and ease of use that Ufruity’s clients require.

So, what’s the future for Ufruity?

Ufruity LLP is growing as we continue to create and develop work for our faithful and new clients. So expect there to be more updates to the Website in the coming weeks! These updates will include more Blog Posts like this, the latest Ufruity News and also what we’ve been working on recently.

To wrap up

We are very happy with our new website and everyone here at Ufruity is excited about what the future holds. If you also like our WordPress website and want one, or indeed want to get in touch to see what Ufruity can do for you then we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please email info@ufruity.com or call 01622 870027

Also, please do follow us on our main Social Media channels too: Facebook & Twitter.

Here’s to the future!